We specialize in commercial cleaning

Client satisfaction is our focus

Fab Clean Services provides comprehensive commercial and office cleaning services within the Mississauga & Oakville area. We pride our self with being so dedicated in this field, that if you try us once, you’ll keep us forever.

Maintaining a clean workplace is an important aspect of running a successful business, and enhances staff productivity, let alone the impression it makes of customers and employees. From our first visit you will notice that the atmosphere of your workplace has transformed with the fresh scent of cleanliness. 

Fab Clean offers dependable and reliable commercial and office cleaning services that always leave your place clean, fresh and hygienic. We customize our work to meet and exceed your expectation.

We value your business and will always provide the best quality standards every time. Fab Clean takes pride in its attention to detail. We know there are no shortcuts in our business; that’s why we will put our touches on every corner of your space. We employ competent staff who are dedicated and love  what they do.

We are committed to providing the highest services at great prices.  We use environmentally friendly products which are safe for your employees and our staff. 

Fab Clean are available for cleaning services on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Our quality and cost effective services are offered for:

  •   Office space

  •   Industrial Complexes and Warehouses
  •   Factories and manufacturing units
  •   Schools  and other educational facilities

  •   Commercial retail space

  •   Daycares

  •   Medical clinics and laboratories

  •   Gyms and recreational facilities

  •   Churches and more…

Here are the cleaning services we offer for commercial and services:

General areas:

  1.   Vacuum carpets and mats, spot clean as needed
  2.   Sweep , mop and disinfect floors
  3.   Dust all horizontal surfaces like desks , chairs ,tables, and other furniture
  4.   Dust baseboards
  5.   Remove rubbish. replace bin liners and empty shredding machines
  6.   Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces with disinfectant
  7.   Remove cobwebs where applicable
  8.   Remove hand smudges or marks from all switches and door knobs
  9.   Clean windows and glass doors
  10.   Spot clean walls and windows’ sills
  11.   Sanitize telephone handsets and remote controls
  12.   Clean computer keyboards
  13.   Clean celling fans and lighting fixtures
  14.   Dust air vents and returns

Cafeteria and Kitchen

  1. Clean up dishes, pots and pans after every meal (either in dishwasher, hand-wash as appropriate)
  2. Run dishwasher as needed (and empty when clean)
  3. Wipe clean kitchen counters, cabinets , tables and other furniture
  4. Empty trash
  5. Clean and disinfect all countertops
  6. Clean refrigerator inside and out
  7. Wipe clean coffee maker, toaster and kettle
  8. Clean and disinfect sink and polish metal trims properly
  9. Clean and sanitize microwave inside and out
  10. Sweep, mop and disinfect all floors


  1. Clean, wash and disinfect all washrooms
  2. Clean, disinfected and polish faucets and other metal fixtures
  3. Replenish toilet paper, hand towels, facial tissues and other dispensers as needed
  4. Wipe dry all vanity tops
  5. Empty all trash and replace liners
  6. Clean mirrors spotless
  7. Wipe clean hand towel cabinets and hand dryers
  8. Sweep, mop and disinfect floors

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